Parent Committee


Southmoor Pre-school is a charity and run by current parents. It is vital for its survival to get as many parents/carers involved, either as committee members or helping us raising funds.

If you are interested in joining the committee in any way, please speak to any of our committee members or Megan – Pre-school Manager.


Chair – Position Vacant 

Anusha Chellappah – Treasurer 

Hi, I’m Anusha. I joined the pre-school committee when we moved into the village now coming up to 4 years ago! My daughter who initially joined pre-school is in Year 1 now and my son, Kieran, attends the pre-school and is in the Owls room 🙂 The pre-school is a blessing for us as both my husband and I work full-time and both our children have and are currently loving being there. Being part of the pre-school committee is a small way I can give back to the pre-school as I find the setting, the staff and the support they provide invaluable.

Mike Doran – General Member

I’m Mike Doran and I’ve been a member of the committee since my eldest daughter started in the Robins room just over two years ago. My vested interest in being part of such a fantastic local asset has continued and it’s great to be part of decisions and activities that positively impact both the incredible staff and the environment in which the children can fully benefit from

Philippa Kraftl – General Member

I’m Philippa Kraftl, you might know me as Leo’s mummy! I’ve joined the Committee to help support our fabulous preschool and to get involved in decisions that will impact our children and future children who will make the preschool their home away from home. It’s also a fantastic way to get to know other parents who you often don’t have time to properly chat to as you’re rushing in and out of the doors at drop-off / pick-up! In my spare time I enjoy taking my boys for nature walks, baking and the occasional evening out at the cinema (when babysitting allows!)


Lindsay Hussain – General Member

Hi, I’m Lindsay. We are new to Southmoor having moved here from Abingdon in September. The pre school have been so welcoming to both my children; Lola in Owls, and Nico in Robins. I wanted to volunteer on the committee to give time and support as the staff work so tirelessly to make the pre school a great environment for the children. It has also been a fantastic way to meet other parents, especially when groups have been so limited due to Covid. 


Why Volunteer?

  • Are you interested in learning new skills?

  • Would you like to meet new people?

  • Would you like to share your skills, time and ideas with others?

  • Have you ever wanted to improve the running of your child’s setting?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, the team at your child’s pre-school would love to hear from you.


The benefits

Research shows clear benefits for children when parents become actively involved in their child’s learning and development from an early age. Parental involvement has been recognised by the Government as being key to a child’s successful development too.

Volunteering for your pre-school’s parent-run committee offers an ideal opportunity for you to become more actively and practically involved in this aspect of your child’s life. It will also make a real difference to how your setting is managed.

You will personally benefit from this experience by meeting with other parents, updating existing skills and learning new ones, as well as putting something positive back into your local community.
There are also long-term benefits should you choose to undertake further training or decide to return to full-time, paid work in the future.